Life Story

Born in the small city/town of Modesto, California I was raised very much country girl. To this day I have numerous facts in my head that have to do with trains changing tracks at railroad crossings and various farm animals. My mother was 16 when I was born and one day decided that she could not take care of me. She told my grandmother that she was going to get more formula for me and never came back. At one month old it was the best decision she has ever made for me. My grandma raised me from then on and I thrived.

An overactive child I was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of five. My grandma didn’t want me on medications for it so decided instead to keep me busy in various activities. I have used this same technique of  managing my ADHD with staying as busy as possible.


My grandma was a strong and independent woman who was strong in her faith. She taught me everything I needed to know to take care of myself. So that I wouldn’t need to depend on anyone else. We have a very close relationship and still do to this day. She laid the framework for the woman that I am today.


I graduated from Beyer High School in 2004. Not really sure what I wanted to do with my life at this point but I did know the idea of signing up for college and taking all the general ed classes did not seem like something I wanted to do. So instead I went through the EMT program and became licensed. After being an EMT for about a year I tore my ACL and did not think that my career as an AMT could continue. I knew that I had to suck up my dislike of college and go back to school to get a degree.


I started at community college and worked my way through my general ed requirements slowly but surely. During this time I tore my ACL again and got married. This was all in the year 2009. The following we were surprised with a little bundle of joy. A baby boy. Needless to say this slowed down my progress a bit.

I finally transferred to Notre Dame de Namur in 2017 where I am happily finishing my bachelors in Human Services.

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